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The SECRET To AVOIDing A STRESSful Visit To The VET.
By Dr. Evan Kendon B.V.Sc.

Dr. Kendon has spent the last 31 years answering this question for thousands of discerning clients, and their special pets. You’ll find his solution conveniently easy….. and it is to “Bring the Vet. to your Pet”. Your pet’s problem will be calmly remedied, at a reasonable fee, in the safety and comfort of your own home. No more stressed pet creating hassle in your life.

As well as appreciating a less stressed pet, you will enjoy other benefits from receiving a veterinary house-call from Dr. Kendon.  You can find out more HERE.    Or simply call

Dr. Evan Kendon B.V.Sc. 3793 797 (You’ll be glad you did)

IMPORTANT NOTE : Evan will be retiring as of 31/3/21. At present a replacement to continue the practice is being sought.

Please retain your invoices, as they contain notes another Vet. may want. Evan is very thankful for the custom of  his clients over the decades, and is sad to be relinquishing the care of their many special pets.