Christchurch Mobile Vet

How Do I Get A Mobile Vet Visit?

mobile-vetTo begin the process, please ring (3793797), and find yourself talking with me (Dr. Evan Kendon). You may notice a change of dial tone on occasion. This will mean I am on the road doing house-calls, and the call is being diverting from the land-line number, to my cellular ‘phone, which allows you to avoid the usual toll call. If the cell. ‘phone is not answered by the fifth ring (as can happen .. if say I were doing surgery, or otherwise occupied), an answer ‘phone will activate … so feel free to leave a message, and I’ll call back as soon as I’m able.

Many clients, at this stage, will give their name, and then talk a little about the worry they have with their pet … If you’d like to streamline the appointment-making, firstly have in mind the time-of-day that you’d like for your mobile vet. call. If the exact time you want is not available, we’ll negotiate a convenient alternative. The order I’ll be recording the appointment is time , name , address , and ‘phone number…. (which I take in case I’m unexpectedly held-up, or if there’s a chance I might not easily find your address).

My calls are scheduled on the hour, which can allow for a 30-40 minute consultation, or getting from one side of the town to the other … an occurrence that happens quite commonly. Typical jobs I do include giving vaccinations, implanting microchipslight dental work, and surgeries (including castration and speying in cats), attending to injuries, grooming of knotted cats, healing illnesses, assisting with behavioural problems, and giving nutritional advice. The vaccine I use , in cats , protects against the two respiratory viruses ( Herpes and Calici ) , and Feline Infectious Enteritis . It’s protection lasts for three years . In dogs , I use a 5-in-1 vaccine , protecting against Parvovirus , Distemper , Hepatitis , Adenovirus , and Parainfluenza . It needs an additional vaccine to fully protect against Kennel Cough , and lasts for one year . For the desexing of cats , a general anaethetic , and pain relief is used ; the surgery being performed in a suitable , well-lit area. Many people comment that it’s less stressful for their pet to awaken in their own environment , free of the noise , and chaos of a typical vet’s hospital. In the home I can more broadly examine your pet’s environment, helping in diagnosing allergies, or behavioural issues. Also, many people prefer a house-call for the euthanasia of their pet.

There are some larger jobs that I won’t tackle in the home environment, like surgery involving gaseous anaesthesia (e.g. dog castrations and speys), also orthopaedic or intra-abdominal surgeries, and having Xrays, or other advanced examinations performed. For such cases, I have a long-standing arrangement with a referral practice, chosen for their reliability, and value. You are, of course, free to use a clinic of your choosing.

My mobile vet. visits cover all of Christchurch , from Belfast to Hei Hei, South Shore to Avonhead , Lyttelton, and Governors Bay . They are in general, within 20 kilometres of the centre of Christchurch. On rare occasions I will travel further, which would invite an extra traveling fee.

You can make payment by cash, cheque, or internet banking. I’m researching mobile payment systems, which I have been historically wary of, due to the unpredictability of cellular ‘phone coverage.

If you’ve any further queries about a mobile vet. visit, please call Evan, on 3793797.