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What Others Are Saying

JockI have known Evan for nearly 25 years, and he has attended to our various animals over the years. We have always been pleased with his ‘bedside manner’ which has saved stress to both owners and animals. He is prompt, efficient and has a good sense of humour. My present dog, a Westie, was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years ago and placed on Prednisone by another Vet which I was not happy with, but after getting Evan to see Jock, he weaned him off the Prednisone and onto Salazopyrin and a change for the better was almost immediate. Unfortunately just recently, Jock had another flare-up of his IBS and Evan came promptly, treated him, and now Jock is well on the way to recovery. Thank you Evan.

I can highly recommend Evan as your mobile Vet.

– Carolyn Cairns

Lisa's-catIn 2005, I relocated from New York to New Zealand (Christchurch) with my four kitties, and my first priority was finding a good vet… I was thrilled to find Evan! A vet who makes house-calls is unheard-of in New York! He’s been taking care of my cats (now 6 of them) ever since. He’s gentle, soft-spoken, and spot-on with his diagnosis… and, my cats like him… they don’t run and hide. He’s always punctual, and gives clear instructions for medication, as well as having the meds at hand.

He even performed a de-sexing of my rescued kitten at my home! And he made parting with my beloved cats a peaceful journey by letting their last moments be at home in my arms, surrounded by familiar sights and sounds. I would never subject my cats to the trauma of car rides and vet clinic waiting rooms… Evan is a gift!

-Lisa Powers

Thankyou Evan for being so kind, You buried Sandy for us and you didn’t mind. Your lovely, gentle way, Helped us through a terrible day. We really appreciate all you did for Sandy and us, Done so willingly, without a fuss. Sandy was special, you see, He came to us when we were very, lonely. He became our little friend once tame, The other cats are not the same. Mum’s lap once had a companion, always there, It’s hard to see and not shed a tear. I will get her a little kitten soon, Mum’s lap, now, has plenty of room. And gradually, the pain will go, And we’ll stop missing Sandy, so. But we will never forget, That you are a very! special vet.

– Thankyou , from Jill Keeling.

Lynnand_CloudI have used Dr Kendons services for many years now, and his service has been extraordinary. Visiting the vets was always very stressful, for myself and my pets. Being able to have an expert come to the house is amazing. It is so much easier and faster for the animals, the stress for all of us is minimized. Evan is reliable, prompt and easy to talk to. He is wonderful with the animals and is able to handle them in a way that puts them at ease and reduces the drama. I can highly recommend his services.

– Lynn Timpany