Christchurch House Call Vet

Who Is Evan?

dog-vetCheers for clicking-through. I have been frequently asked questions about my background (often over a cuppa) so I thought I’d share some information to help you get to know me a little better.

I am a true-blue Kiwi, born in Dannevirke (Manawatu). My primary schooling took place in Herekino (Northland) and Toko (Taranaki); high school at Stratford High, and Gisborne Boys’ High. I boarded there, as my parents were in Ruatoria (East Coast), and did well academically, topping the School Certificate exams for the school … and being Dux equal in the seventh form. I represented Gisborne Boys’ High in athletics and hockey.

As with all New Zealand veterinary students, my university training took place at Massey. In my first year, as my Bursary marks were high, I was granted high credit in two of the compulsory science subjects … and studied psychology, and philosophy instead. I took a break from my studies after three years, and worked variously on farms, as a storeman/clerk, before travelling the country playing keyboards and guitar in various (mostly original) touring bands. Drawn back to a more orthodox career, I returned to my veterinary studies, graduating in 1984.

Upon graduating, my first veterinary job was in a two-clinic mixed practice in Otaki/Waikanae, where there was race horse, town-supply dairy, angora goat, and companion animal work. In this environment, I picked up a taste for the ‘James Herriot’ feel of doing farm/stable calls, which I enjoy to this day. After that practice, I traveled widely filling locum positions, the last of which was with the Auckland branch of the Homecall Vet. franchise system. When offered it, I accepted the Christchurch franchise, beginning the business in 1989. The franchise arrangement ran it’s course, then I began trading under my own name, as I have for the last two ( almost three ) decades.

Interesting gossip: I spent 18 months in Christchurch in my hiatus from ‘varsity, playing in a band which included performances on Ready to Roll, and Radio with Pictures, New Zealand TV shows of the time …. I have played on a single that charted on N.Z.’s top 40, and in pubs from Whangarei to Queenstown. I have accumulated a small recording studio, and, until the ‘quakes, recorded jams with a number of local musicians, releasing 4 private CDs to date.

I have an interest in the workings of the mind, having earned a certificate as a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Another committed interest I have is in dog training, where I believe a dog’s purpose is more fulfilled through doing work for which it is rewarded. To that end, I have, for many years taken classes at a local Obedience Club ( C.C.O.C. ), where I have, for some years, held the position of Senior Instructor, and President. Recently I was very honoured to have been made a Life Member.

My present pets are a boisterous Blue Heeler ( Kora ), who use to love Agility training, but unfortunately is now crippled with a spinal injury , a rambunctious Thai Ridgeback pup ( Samorn ), my deceased Mum’s older Bichon Frise ( Joe ) and a Burmese cat ( Matey ), who rules the household. Previous breeds I have enjoyed include an Australian Terrier, Labrador, Rottweilers (a number, I use to breed/show them), and a Bullmastiff X Pitbull Terrier; numerous moggy cats, an Oriental, Birman, and many Burmese. Many of my dogs have competed in Obedience or Agility shows.

Pets have not always been as accessible or as abundant as they are today – for a long time they were something of a luxury, as most animals had a job to do if they were to be kept. However their role has changed as they became more valuable as companions for us, and in accordance, the role of the vet has become more important in caring for these new ‘family members’. If you are interested, you can read more about Pets and Vets… Changing Roles.