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7 More Reasons To Enjoy A House-Call From Dr. Evan Kendon

1. Save precious time: You know how annoying it is if you have to wait in the Vet’s waiting room; especially if you made a special effort to be on time, or there’s a frightening, or ‘has to be explored’ pet next to you. You’ll have no lost time waiting in your own home … or workplace. Even better, Dr Evan Kendon is meticulously punctual, and will call you on the rare occasion he might run late. If you operate your own business, you’ll definitely appreciate not having to waste time leaving your workplace to see the Vet.. Dr. Kendon has helped clients in numerous businesses, including Motels, Auto. wreckers, an Iron Foundry, Rest-homes, Catteries, Boarding Kennels, Tradesmen on-site, and various Home-based businesses.

Call 3793797, to save time.

2. Receive good value: No-one wants to feel ripped off, or sold that cream you suspect you don’t need. If you compare the cost of a Vet. consultation (say $50), and two taxi fares (generously $30), to Dr. Kendon’s fee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Many new clients comment that Evan’s fee is very reasonable.  You will find it costing you  53% more with Vet2U. Specifically, the fee, for a 20-30 minute consultation, including travel to you, is $62, with any medications needed being additional.

Dr. Evan Kendon, for good value.

3. Be in a relaxed environment: A Vet’s examination room can be sterilely cold, and have that smell of foreboding. You’ll certainly feel more secure and comfortable in your own home, as undoubtedly, will your pet.

Call  3793797, for a relaxed house-call.

4. Trust a familiar relationship: You may have experienced the frustration of seeing a different vet. every time you visit, and having to re-explain your pet’s story. Evan has cared for many patients for their entire lives. He also personally answers his ‘phone (not a nurse), and will leave you with your clinical notes at each visit, making it easy for you to access professional information.

Dr. Evan Kendon 3793797, for familiar service.

5. Avoid contagious disease: The last place you’d want to take a healthy pet is where diseased pets go; especially with easily spread diseases like Parvo virus in dogs … or respiratory infections in cats. There’s nothing like the safety of your own home.

Call 3793797, for a safer consultation.

6. Easily manage multiple pets: Perhaps you just want to make an enquiry about an extra pet. Or vaccinate a number of puppies/kittens. Save yourself having to use multiple cages, or visits, and “Bring the Vet. To your Pet”

Dr. Evan Kendon, for all your pets at once.

7. Rely on experience: You can trust a practice that has thrived for 25 years. You will avoid routine expensive ‘work-ups’ through using cost-aware, strategic treatment plans, based on decades of experience. You’ll also be in full control, receiving comprehensive informed consent.

Call 3793797, for the wisdom of experience.